eTrials - Trials & Test of New eResources

The Library offers trials of new databases and electronic resources to allow faculty, students and staff the opportunity to examine their suitability. Feedback from trials is used to inform possible purchase decisions. Depending on the feedback obtained, and the cost involved, some of these databases and electronic resources may be added to the UMass Dartmouth Library collection. Quoted descriptions are taken from vendors' descriptions made available through the product or on the vendor's web site.

Send comments on content and usability to Susan Raidy-Klein, Collection Development and Acquisitions Librarian. All feedback received will be reviewed by library's Collection Development committee.


  • IBIS World: IBISWorld is the largest publisher of industry analysis, covering every segment of the economy. We are a "one-stop shop" provider of comprehensive business intelligence on over 1,300 U.S. industries. Our popularity with Career Development Groups, MBA programs & business schools stems in large part from our vast collection of unique industries. Our reports provide real life information used by government agencies, universities & corporate America on hard to find industries that no one else covers. . Traditionally, management, marketing, entrepreneurship, innovation, international business, business planning, MBA programs, accounting, economics & finance classes will find the most value in our reports. Many of our academic clients have developed specific assignments based on our research. IBISWorld will be a prominent resource that many of your business graduates will utilize after they graduate.

  • Routledge Historical Resources: History of Feminism This resource covers the fascinating subject of feminism over the long nineteenth century (1776–1928). It contains an extensive range of primary and secondary resources, including full books, selected chapters, and journal articles, as well as new thematic essays, and subject introductions on its structural themes:
    - Politics and Law
    - Religion and Belief
    - Education
    - Literature and Writings
    - Women at Home
    - Society and Culture
    - Empire
    - Movements and Ideologies