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Swain's main focus in the 1950s was on preparing students for careers in commercial art and design.

The two main courses of study listed in catalog of the early 1950s were Fashion Illustration and the Commercial Art. These were four year courses leading to a diploma. In 1957 Fine Art (Drawing and Painting) was offered as a four year course in addition to Commercial Art and Fashion Design. The Depression and World War II took its toll on the school financially. Many of the wealthy families on which the school had depended saw their fortunes diminished. Although they had been charging fees for many years, the Swain School of Design first charged tuition in 1950, at a yearly rate of $150. By the mid 50s the tuition was $185 a year.

Students in Fashion Illustartion, c.1956
Students in Fashion Illustration, c.1956


Students in Commercial Art, c.1956
Students in commercial art, c.1956


Hiram R Haggett, Director from 1952 to 1956
Hiram R Haggett, Director from 1952 to 1956


Swain School of Design celebrated its 75th anniversary in 1956.

Faculty in 1955

Walter Eugene OwenWalter OwenEdward TogneriEdward TogneriWilliard LeggWilliam Legg


Francisco RapozaFrancisco RapozaArthur ZachariasArthur ZachariasHenry RoseHenry Rose



Italo BelliItalo Belli


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