Manuscript Collections

Collection numbers link to a PDF version of the finding aid, if available. Please check with archives staff if you are looking for specific information, since events and facts can be documented in a number of different ways. Also, we receive new collections periodically; unprocessed collections will not be included here. If you are looking for books or theses by title or author, check the Primo Library Search system for the call number.


MC 1/RFKAA      Robert F. Kennedy Assassination Archive Collection

MC 2/HTG         UMD Eisteddfod International Folk Festival, records, 1970-1996

MC 3                 American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS), New Bedford Chapter # 1, records, 1956-1996

MC 4/HTG         Paul Clayton, papers, 1937-1967

MC 5/CJC          Abraham Wolf Landau, papers, 1939-1996

MC 6                 Donald Ezzel Walker, Scrapbook and inaugural papers, 1973-1983

MC 7                 T. Noel Stern, writings, 1939-1995

MC 9                 New Bedford Textile Worker’s Strike of 1928, oral history interviews and research collection

MC 10               Omer E. Boivin, MD, Papers, 1935-1977

MC 11               Franco-American Civic League (Fall River, Massachusetts) Historical Collection, 1870-1993

MC 12               Mildred L. Swift, Fall River Emergency Feeding Project, scrapbook, 1932

MC 13               John F. Kennedy Assassination Archives Collection, published material and research papers, 1963-c.1988

MC 14/CJC         National Council of Jewish Women, New Bedford Section, Records, 1925-1993

MC 15/CJC         Jewish War Veterans and Ladies’ Auxiliary, New Bedford Post 154, records, 1918-2005 (bulk 1941-2005)

MC 16/CJC         Hebrew Ladies’ Helping Hand Society, records, 1924-1986

MC 17/CJC         Fall River (Massachusetts) Jewish Community Historical Collection, 1886-1991 (bulk, 1955-1961)

MC 18/PAA        Sylvia and Luis Cotta Family (Little Compton, Rhode Island), papers, 1890-1998

MC 19/PAA        Pereira Garcia Family Papers, 1899-1960s

MC 20/CJC         Jewish Professional Women’s Club, Inc. (New Bedford, Mass.), records, 1926-1995

MC 21/CJC         Jewish Community Center, records, 1944-1977

MC 22               Dennis Tucker scrapbooks, 1973-1988

MC 23/CJC         New Bedford/Fall River Jewish Community, Oral history collection,  1979-[ongoing]

MC 24/PAA        Portuguese-American oral history project, 1983-1990

MC 25/CJC         Chesed Shel Emes Congregation (New Bedford, MA), records, 1903-1970

MC 26/CJC         Tifereth Israel Congregation (New Bedford, MA), records, 1923-2003, (Bulk, 1947-2003)

MC 27                Joel Saul Keiles (NBTI Class of 1952), Student papers, 1947-1952 (bulk 1949-1952)

MC 28                Cape Verdean-American Archives

MC 29/PAA         João Cordeiro Jr., Papers, 1930-1960

MC 30/PAA         Portuguese American Archives, vertical file collection

MC 31                Earle P. Charlton (1863-1930) Family papers, 1889-1995

MC 32                Milton A. Travers, papers, 1941-1970

MC 33                New Bedford Women’s Movement Collection (in process)

MC 34                Architecture of Paul Rudolph, collected articles, 1956-1993

MC 35/PAA         Joseph and Mary Baptista Family photographs and Madeiran embroidery, bulk 1911-1967

MC 36/CJC         Archives of the Center for Jewish Culture, Newspaper clipping collection, 1982-

MC 37/CJC         Ahavath Achim Congregation Collection 1898-, (bulk 1954-present)

MC 38/CJC         Tifereth Israel Sisterhood, records, 1926-1997

MC 39/CJC          Community Bulletin (Tifereth Israel Congregation), 1923-

MC 40                Swift and Wesselhoeft  Family Collection, 1840-2002

MC 41                SACHEM Inc. (Southeastern Association for Cooperation in Higher Education in Massachusetts), records, 1974-1999

MC 42/CJC          Temple Sinai Collection, 1964-1978

MC 43/CJC          Boy Scout Troop # 8 (New Bedford, MA), records, 1941-1983

MC 44                DNRT (Dartmouth Natural Resources Trust) and Trustees of Reservations, Slocum’s River Reserve Oral History Project, 2002-2003

MC 45/CJC          Evelyn and Fisher Abramson (1900-1982) papers, 1920-1982

MC 46                “Patrician Homes of New Bedford,” journal, author unknown, c. 1907

MC 47                 Company E 1st Regiment Infantry of Massachusetts MVM (New Bedford, MA), records, 1887-1889

MC 48                 New Bedford Total Abstinence Society (New Bedford, MA), records 1849-1850, bound with

                          Robert C. Pitman (lawyer, New Bedford, MA), receipts, 1857-1864 and  Pitman and Borden

                           (law practice, New Bedford, MA), records of receipts on pension applications, 1864-1869

MC 49/PAA         Portuguese American Historical Foundation of Fall River, Inc., records, 1991-2000

MC 50/PAA         Portuguese Alliance Benevolent Association, records, 1924-2004

MC 51                Albert S. Hill papers on French pacifism from 1919 to 1939, 1973-1979

MC 52                American popular and theatrical music collection of scores, 1891-1976 (bulk, 1920s-1950s)

MC 53/PAA         Antonio Alberto Costa Collection of Portuguese Musical Recordings, 1970s-1990s

MC 54/PAA         Affonso Gil Mendes Ferreira Collection of Portuguese Musical Recordings, 1930s-1950s

MC 55                Mary Leite Fonseca (1912-2006), papers

MC 56                George LeClerq miniature furniture design collection, 1930s

MC 57/PAA         Alfred Lewis literary papers, 1928-1979

MC 58/PAA         Club Ponta Delgada collection, 1915, 1934-1989

MC 59/PAA         Francisco de Alburquerque (1900-1950), papers, 1903-1959

MC 60/PAA         Josephine Teixeira Silhouettes and Papers, 1968-1990

MC 61                Durfee Mills (Fall River, MA) Receipts, 1892-1895

MC 62                Vancini Family Papers, 1920 – 1999

MC 63                New Bedford, Mass. Photograph Album, 1860s

MC 64/PAA         Furtado Family Correspondence, 1921-1945 (bulk 1942-1945)

MC 65/CJC          Senator Harold H. J. Clasky Papers, 1956 – 1985

MC 66/CJC          National Jewish Welfare Board, New England Section, records, 1918 – 1946

MC 67                Frank Kallish, Class of 1911, New Bedford Textile School student papers, 1909 – 1911

MC 68/CJC          Judge Samuel Barnet papers, 1919 – 1991

MC 69/CJC          Donald Zeman (d. 2011) papers, 1921 – 1999 (bulk from 1943 – 1945)

MC 70/CJC          The Workmen’s Circle, New Bedford (Mass.) Branch 723 and 724, Records, 1938 – 1966

MC 71/CJC          Young Men’s Hebrew Association (YMHA), New Bedford, Mass. and

                           Young Women’s Hebrew Association (YWHA), New Bedford, Mass., Records, 1914 – 1988 (bulk 1922 – 1926)

MC 72/CJC           Jewish Welfare Federation of Greater New Bedford and United Jewish Appeal, 1954-2005

MC 73/RFKAA      Attorney Marilyn Barrett, Research files on the Robert F. Kennedy Assassination                                                

MC 74                 Walter E. McGinn New Bedford Textile School papers, 1915-1917

MC 75/CJC            Temple Beth El (Fall River, Mass.), records, 1901-2008,

MC 76/CJC            Edward Adaskin Family papers, Fall River, Mass.

MC 77/PAA          “Portuguese Around Us” Portuguese American Federation, cable access television program, 1996-2002

MC 78/CJC            Dr. Walter V. and Lily Dumont  Mindus Family papers, 1908-2006

MC 79/RFKAA       Floyd B. Nelson papers, 1968-2001

MC 80/CJC           Jacob Dumont papers on cantorial music (in process)

MC 81/HTG          Howard T. Glasser Scottish recordings, 1960,  1963

MC 82                  Bolivian National Soccer Team gifts to UMass Dartmouth, 1994

MC 83/PAA           American-Portuguese Genealogical and Historical Society, Inc., records, 1981-1999

MC 84/CJC            Jewish War Veterans Fall River Post 168 and Ladies' Auxiliary, records

MC 85/PAA           "A Voz de Portugal/The Voice of Portugal" 1942 audio recordings

MC 86/PAA           Carlton M. Viveiros papers,

MC 87                  Albert J. Bettencourt Swain School papers, 1907-1936

MC 88/PAA           Joseph Sequeira Vera, Family Papers, 1880-1998

MC 89/PAA           Drama Miséria da Vida / Drama das Cenas da Miséria, handwritten manuscript of play, 1919

MC 90/PAA           Portuguese Cultural Foundation Scrapbook,  1967-1969

MC 91                  Les Dames Richelieu de Fall River, papers, 1987-2001 (bulk 1990-1995)

MC 92/PAA           Affonso Gil Mendes Ferreira, papers (in process)

MC 93/PAA           Milton Silva papers (in process)

MC 94/PAA           Edmund Dinis papers (in process)

MC 95/PAA           Portuguese-American Vasco da Gama Holy Ghost Society, Newport, RI

MC 96/PAA           Alfred Lewis Correspondence collection

MC 97/HTG           Tryworks, 1967-2003

MC 98                   Polish-American Community of New Bedford

MC 99/PAA            Joseph E. Fernandes papers

MC 100/PAA          João Rocha papers

MC 101/CWO        Polish and American World War Veteran’s Auxiliary Association, Records, 1938-2008

MC 102                Myron B. Chace (BDTS Class of 1937) Student Papers, 1934-1939

MC 103/PAA         Emily Motta Sheet Music Collection

MC 104/CWO        Catholic Woman’s Club of New Bedford,  records 1918 – 2007

MC 105/CWO        Polish Women’s Business and Professional Club, Records, 1937-1999

MC 106                 French-Canadian Oral History Project interviews, 1993 – 2003

MC 107/CJC          “Jews of New Bedford (1898-1967),” notebook compiled by Shirley Cohen

MC 108/HTG         Eisteddfod – NY, Audio recordings, 2000-2009

MC 109                 Schooner Ernestina/Effie M. Morrissey Archives (in process)

MC 110                 Brazilian American Cultural Institute (BACI), records, 1964-2008 (in process)

MC 111/HTG         Carnegie Ceildh, 1961-1968

MC 112                 MCEEPHI records, 1941-1995

MC 113                 Naseer Aruri, papers (in process)

MC 114/HTG         Peter Johnson concert tapes,

MC 115/CJC          Julius Picard, MD,  papers

MC 116 /CJC         Lipp Family papers

MC 117/SEEMA      Fred Littleton scrapbook (Schooner Ernerstina Effie Morrissey Association Archives)

MC 118/SEEMA      Monroe Barnard Diary and photo album (Schooner Ernerstina Effie Morrissey Association Archives)

MC119/CJC            Rubye Finger papers

MC 120                 Brazilian Chapbook Collection

MC 121/PAA          Portuguese-American Bakeries (Southeastern Massachusetts),  Oral History Project

MC 122/SEEMA      Schooner Ernestina Oral History collection (Schooner Ernerstina Effie Morrissey Association Archives)

MC 123/CJC           Hebrew Ladies Helping Hand, Fall River Chapter

MC 124/CJC           Hadassah, The Women’s Zionist Organization of America, Inc., New Bedford Chapter, records (1925-1990)

MC 125                 The Other One, student publication, 1984-1985

MC 126                 Scallop fishing in New Bedford, videotaped interviews

MC 127/RFKAA      Philip Melanson, Political Assassinations Research papers , 1963-2000

MC 128/SEEMA      Schooner Ernestina/Effie M. Morrissey Educational Materials, 1989-2003

MC 129/CJC          Hebrew Free Loan Society, records, 1965-2002

MC 130/CJC          Dr. Irving Fradkin, papers, 1965-2006

MC 131 /CWO        American Business Women’s Association, records,

MC 132/CJC          New Bedford Jewish Community Early Childhood Center, Records, -2008

MC 133/PAA          Jose Canha Collection

MC 134/CJC          Camp Avoda yearbooks

MC 135                Club Richelieu- Fall River, Inc., records,

MC 136                Schooner Ernestina/Effie M. Morrissey Art and Artifact Collection

MC 137                Calumet Club, records,

MC 138                La Fédération Catholique Franco-Américaine de Fall River, Records, 1926-1976

MC 139                Association Culturelle Française de Fall River, Records 1971-2007

MC 140                Melvin Yoken Collection

MC 141                Wesley Clair Mitchell Lectures on Types of Economic Theory, 1930